Friday, December 01, 2006

Santarchy - Saturday, September 9th

On December 9, cheap suit Santas will gather where it all began:
San Francisco. Details below.
Gather your Elves.
Fluff your Reindeer.
Be jowly.
Don your gay apparel.
Santa is on the move.
This is the firm date and will not change, rain or shine.
* A Santa suit held together with zip ties and sticky remains of last year’s beverages and bodily fluids. (NOT just a santa hat.)
* CASH for drinks, bribes and tips (TIP YOUR BARTENDERS. Santa tips well.)
* $5.50 for ferry (if coming from Oakland)
* $1.50 for MUNI (in quarters) (MUNI has NO CHANGE MACHINES)
* An unmarked drinking vessel for beverages to supplement bar drinks
* Santafication tools (to make others into Santas).
* A ball* Toys/gifts (Naughty and Nice)
* Mistletoe
* Niblets (optional)
* Lube and condoms (elf size too if you’re into that sort of thing)
* Sex toys
* The Baby Jesus
* Comfortable shoes - because Rudolph will become too drunk to cart your sorry ass around.
* Warm clothes - Santa goes all night long

* 10:30am - San Francisco Gathering at Carousel @ Pier 39. Santas get on for ½ price: $1.50* 11:30am - Santarchy begins.

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