Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Pillow Fight @ Justin Herman Plaza - Valentine's Day

It time again for the annual Valentine's Day Pillow Fight. If you've never been before, you have to go. According to Facebook it starts at 4:00, but on Upcoming it starts at 6:00. I'll update if I hear more news as it gets closer, but I'm thinking that 6:00 is the right time.

Let me know if you want to come along... all you need is a pillow!

UPDATE: Here's the latest info on the Pillow Fight. Looks like it's definitely starting at 6:00. And here are the rules:

1) Tell everyone you know about PILLOW FIGHT!!!
2) Wait for the Ferry Building clock to strike 6:00pm
3) Don’t hit anyone with out a pillow (unless they want it)
4) Don’t hit anyone with a camera
5) HAVE FUN!!! (Rain plan: put your pillow in a plastic bag, see Rules 1 - 5)

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