Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Bay to Breakers - Sunday, May 15th

It's getting time to start preparing for Bay to Breakers! Our concept this year is High School Undead (I'll be a Marching Band Geek vampire or zombie... the picture above is me as a Vampirate last year, I sense a theme!).
Some of you may have heard me talk about Marching Band vs. Cheerleaders, but Kiley and Lindsay suggested this change and I thought it sounded great. This idea may also maybe more practical as I haven't seen a lot in the way of Marching Band costumes out there (although I'd love some fellow band geeks if you find one). Kiley did find great, inexpensive cheerleading uniforms at this site. She and Lindsay are going to be cheerleaders, probably with Sunnydale High colors...for you Buffy geeks out there ;-)
So, the next big question this year is whether or not to register. The word is that they're going to enforce registrations this year, but they say that every year and it never seems to happen. I went ahead and registered anyhow as it makes sense to me to contribute since I'll be participating and it definitely costs a lot to put this event on (even just the porta potties must cost a fortune!). Anyhow, I leave it to you, but here the link to register.

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